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Facilitation Skills: Facilitating High Performing Meetings

A course to help you develop your facilitation skills for business
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The principles of good facilitation
The skills of a good facilitator
How create an environment of trust, creativity and involvement
How to plan a facilitation session
The key elements of facilitation in a meeting
Generating and refining improvement ideas
Action Planning
How to keep your facilitation fresh
How to give feedback

Aside from professional or technical skills, I believe that facilitation is one of the most important skills you can possess in business.

Facilitation is fun and empowering. It is a skill that will really boost your self-confidence and give you internal strength that will help you in many areas from interviews to presentations to working with teams.

This course will help you.

In business, facilitation is about being an intermediary through whom discussions and actions can be coordinated more easily; and decisions reached more efficiently.

Business facilitation comprises two elements:

1. Providing a structure for the session that encourages a breadth of thinking, and engages everyone in the group

2. Creating a safe environment for people to air views and work together in a spirit of cooperation and trust

This course, Facilitating High Performing Meetings, will cover everything you need to develop effective facilitation skills including the principles of good facilitation; planning a facilitation session; generating and refining ideas; action planning; and giving feedback.

It takes skill, patience and emotional intelligence to be a good facilitator. The most important part of the role is to balance the personalities and agendas of the participants to ensure everyone can contribute in an environment of openness and support.

This course will help you. I hope you enjoy it.

Facilitation Skills: Facilitating High Performing Meetings
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