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Facials Dermaplaning

Professional Dermaplaning treatments
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Dermaplaning Facials
In 9 lessons. You will learn; What it is. It's history. Features and benefits. Integration with other products and procedures. The procedure. Sharps injury. Hygiene, infection control and set up. Consultation and contra-indications. Practical techniques and demonstration. Aftercare and contra-actions.

This course is brought to you by Dr. Nicky. Who is a fully qualified beauty therapist, aesthetics teacher who is medically qualified and has over 23 years of experience in private, NHS practice, teaching, research, writing textbooks etc. Nicky is a well-known professional influencer across social media based in the UK and has many international students. He has designed this and many other courses to come for anyone who has a genuine interest in the subject of professional skincare and in particular Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a highly accurate surgical skin exfoliative technique that is an amazing routine skincare treatment in its own right but can be integrated for enhanced effects with other beauty treatments and products. 

The course is delivered in bitesize manageable lectures which include 10 videos of more than an hour in length, with some practical demonstrations throughout them.

Lecture 1. What is Dermaplaning?

Lecture 2. History of Dermaplaning.

Lecture 3. Features and benefits of Dermaplaning.

Lecture 4. Introduction to the integration of Dermaplaning with other treatments and products. (Lazer/IPL/Skin peels/Microneedling/PRP/Vampire facials/ BIOHACK products.

Lecture 5. Dermaplaning procedure checklist.

Lecture 6. Sharps injury first aid.

Lecture 7. Hygiene, infection control, and full set up procedure.

Lecture 8. Consultation, skin analysis, and contra-indications.

Lecture 9. Practical techniques and procedures.

Lecture 10. Aftercare. SPF and contra-actions. (Troubleshooting problems).


Dr. Nicky

Facials Dermaplaning
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