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FacebookLeaks A-Z: Hands-On Facebook Ads & Marketing Course

Succeed with Facebook Ads and Marketing (incl. Instagram). Learn it all, from A to Z. Based on 5 real-world challenges.
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Based on 5 real-world projects, you will learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ads and Marketing (incl. Instagram). From A to Z.
Set Up & Prepare the Business/Ad Manager: Plan, Create & Manage, Assets & Settings
Understand the new Ad Manager (2018): Structure, Filters, Rules & Help
Ad Sets: Placements (incl. Instagram), Define your Audience, Marketing Funnel, Budget Planning & Schedule
Ads: Offer, Video, Carousel, Canvas, Slideshow, Lead & Story
Campaign Objectives: Awareness, Consideration & Conversion
Creatives & Interaction: Purpose of an ad, Awareness level, Social Proof, "Listening" on Social Media, The “Right” Creatives, Resources
Custom Audiences: Customer Lists, Lookalike, Engagement, Remarketing
Measure & Report: Testing, Columns, Breakdowns, Tracking (Facebook Pixel, UTM), Charts & Activity, Attribution Model, Facebook Analytics

Note: You don’t have to spend any advertisement money to finish this course.

My goal and mission for this course is to teach you everything relevant to succeed in running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Specifically; a positive return on investment. In this masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ads and Marketing. From A to Z.


We will start this course at 0. So even if you are a complete beginner, you won’t be lost. After setting up your account and going through all the basics, we will dive into deeper waters. If you consider yourself an intermediate, you will get lots of new insights and learn the best practices that I have gained through years of working with these tools. Experience, I fully want to share with you now.

Clear defined topics and focused on learning objectives

  • Complete setup guide: Detailed introduction for beginners
  • Hands-on approach: Five real world challenges which you will solve
  • Measure success: Complete section about finding and understanding Ad metrics
  • Finding real purpose: Meet demand & create "the right" creatives

This course is not an audiobook. You will learn, you will get challenged and you will create. The philosophy behind this course is learning by doing. 1:1 you will follow my steps through the course and learn hands-on how to successfully create and run your own ads on Facebook. Why learn boring theory when there are fun and engaging gamification? In this course, you will be assigned to a new job. Starting at section seven, you will be the new marketing manager for “The Umbrella Corporation”. A corporation ranging from electric cars to movie production.

Across the sections, you will receive different assignments with different worldly challenges that you will solve, meanwhile learning everything about Facebook as a marketing tool to reach your goals.

Facebook knows a lot about you (and me).

For responsible owners, creators and advertisers, not knowing and understanding how marketing and advertising on Facebook works, means many (!) lost opportunities. Why? Using Facebook as a marketing channel means receiving access to all of this collected and categorised data in return. Target people whose birthday is in February, are using an iPhone, are in a relationship, have a dog or like Kickstarter, Sushi and Pizza. You can even target people with same interests as your existing customers. The possibilities to narrow down and define your audience are nearly endless. It doesn’t take any talent to successfully apply this course. All it takes is some time and your commitment to work through it. Facebook Marketing and Advertising is relevant now. Don’t miss great opportunities.

FacebookLeaks A-Z: Hands-On Facebook Ads & Marketing Course
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