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How to Run Facebook Ads For Your Business

How to take Engagements on Social Media and Turn them into Revenue!
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Generate More Revenue for Your Business
How to more effectively Run Facebook Ads for Clients

This course is established to teach you how to go from the normal mindset of having someone else do Facebook Ads for you and for your Business to teaching you how to run active and value based campaigns on your own. 

This course will teach you strategies of how to take engagements and turn those engagements into paying customers!  It's not just about creating impressions (traditional/digital marketing) but rather engagements. 

After this course is complete - you will have a better understanding of how to take your product/service to market.  We will be discussing the following topics: 

  • Module #1 - Identify the Target Demographic and the Type of Traffic
  • Module #2 - identify the Temperature of your Audience and Where they Congregate
  • Module #3 - The 5 Variables of a Successful Campaign
  • Module #4 - The Sales Funnel Process - Facebook Ads Overview
  • Module #5 -  Facebook Marketing and Reporting
  • Module #6 - Facebook Results - KPI's
  • Module #7 - Facebook Results - KPI's Deep Dive
  • Module #8 - Facebook Results - KPI's - Insights and Comparisons
  • Bonus Module #9 - Ad Copy
  • Bonus Module #10 -  Facebook Ads - How Much Should I spend? 

I have been studying and executing on these methods for the last few years.  We have been able to see great return on investments for our clients.

How to Run Facebook Ads For Your Business
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