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Facebook Page Monetization With A Shop For Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook shop on your Facebook page with Shopify for Facebook monetization and use Facebook ads for traffic
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Set up a Facebook page
Create a shop right on your Facebook page
Run ads to your products
Create custom audiences
Set up your Facebook Pixel
Run retargeting ads

Create a shop on your page and make sales right on Facebook or on your own site like a Shopify site.

Get a full walkthrough and accomplish the following:

  • Create a Facebook page

  • Set up a shop on your Facebook page

  • Run ads to your Facebook page

  • Run retargeting ads to your Facebook page

You can follow along with what I share on my screen through the whole course and accomplish everything I do in just one day or a few days.


Many people don't know this, but Facebook is moving in the direction of letting people set up entire stores on their Facebook pages. You can check out right on Facebook or send people to your online store like Shopify. It's a great opportunity if you are selling anything online.


While I'll be showing you how to set up your ads, you will reach a good comfort level using Facebook ads and understands different details there. That will empower you to run any kinds of ads in the future.


Make your business one of the first in your niche to take advantage of Facebook monetization and use this channel to beat competition.

Invest in your future! Enroll today!

Facebook Page Monetization With A Shop For Facebook Ads
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