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Facebook Ads And Marketing - Lead Generation Pro - 2020

Generate Leads Like A Pro Using Facebook Advertising strategy for your business or clients.
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Lead generation using facebook

This course will teach you all that you need to know to get started with lead generation quick and easy. These are all practical examples that I have used to generate leads for different businesses.

Topics Include : 

  1. Understand Lead Generation in 30 seconds

  2. How to access your ads manager

  3. Setting Up lead Generation campaign

  4. Ad budget, audience & scheduling

  5. Using Video kit to transform your ad creative.

  6. Making A Lead Generation Form

  7. Conversion tracking

  8. Setting up facebook Pixel

  9. 191 Leads Generated - Case Study Overview

  10. $1500 Product Case Study

Make sure you enroll in this course and learn something useful out of it!

Facebook Ads And Marketing - Lead Generation Pro - 2020
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