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Facebook instant games Messenger Bot

We will Create a Bot Together! This course is a Step by Step Guide in Building a Bot for Facebook Instant Games
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Learn how to set up bot in Fb Messenger Instant Games
Build a Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger IG
Learn about Facebook Messenger Chatbot best practices
Learn how to Deploy Bot
Learn how to Add Access token to Chatbot
Learn how to Build a Server
Learn how to connect a Bot to Facebook Messenger
Learn how to manipulate what a Chatbot says
Complete knowledge about Messenger Bot

You will Learn How to Build a Bot for Facebook Instant games in 1 hour! You will learn by building  bot for Facebook Instant game:  a bot for your favorite Game.

We teach you how to Build a Bot :

Coding: In the Coding Section, you will be making a  Bot in Node.js using our sample code.

Anyone can make a Bot using this course! This course was Designed so even a complete newbie could create the Messenger Bot.

What you Need to Be Successful in this Course:

  1. Computer and Internet Connection

  2. Desire to Learn: Passion for Chatbots

  3. 1 Full Day: Some students can complete this course as quickly as a few hours. If you are new to programing, I suggest you take the day and run through this course content first then replay it and build the Bot.

What technologies are Included? For the front end we will be using JaveScript and Node.js for the backend. You can however use anything you want for the backend (php, ruby, etc). Here is a brief summary of technologies used in this course:

  • Heroku Servers to Host and Deploy Bot

  • Node.js & JaveScript to program the Chat Bot

  • Visual Studios as IDE

  • Github for Repository

  • Facebook Page & Developer Account


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Facebook instant games Messenger Bot
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