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11 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group

Created a Facebook group but don't really know what to do now?
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How to start to grow a Facebook group for their business

You have created a Facebook group, now what? No ones is joining and no one knows your group exists but you are putting all this content into there and you really want people to see it.

I have leveraged Facebook groups to scale my business to 10k+ months and have clients using Facebook groups to make 7 figure incomes! They are a fantastic resource. Even Facebook themselves are pumping money into them, there are massive ad campaigns happening all the time driving people to groups and support centres set up for community managers. Recently Facebook even launched an exam specifically for community managers.

There are so many things you can be doing to grow your group and they are super easy to implement and most of them are low cost or even free for you to start putting into action right now.

This course is very action focused so you are going to want to stop and take action as you go through this course. Some of these steps can be put into place in a matter of minutes and others will take daily and consistent action. This course is a must for anyone that has a Facebook group who wants to leverage it for their business and start to make sales with more ease.

11 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group
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