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Facebook Content Marketing for You: Top Strategies that Work

2020 Easy-to-follow Guide to Create Engaging Social Media Content & Marketing Ads on Facebook (With Useful Case Studies)
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Types of Facebook post formats that get the best results
How to optimize your marketing campaign for better conversions on Business Ad Manager
Editorial and Content Calendar: How to create and deploy a bullet-proof schedule for your Facebook business page
Solid examples of strategies used by digital marketing professionals who work for Top MNCs
Get personalised feedback from a professional digital marketing expert from the industry
DOs and DOn't when managing your Facebook Page/ Advertising Campaign

With COVID19 this 2020 forcing us to digitalize and transform our business, how can we pick up skills on social media marketing that can help us tide through and earn online.

In this course, you will expect to learn:

1. Tips on how to best manage your Facebook content and calendar (using good case studies from key industries)

2. Dos and Don'ts : What works and what doesn't

3. How to better utilize Facebook Marketing Advertising/ Facebook Business Manager to drive web traffic (using audience network, look-alike audience, demographic and key market or country segmentation)

4. How to gather the best variety of content and engage your Facebook fans/ users properly through A/B testing (likes/ shares/ comments)

5. How to optimize your marketing campaign for better results (remarketing/ testing)

5. Concrete and relevant examples and case studies based on select top brands

6. Deep dive into the best social media marketing strategies adopted by reputable international brands

7. Useful for small to big business owners, marketers, beginners from all industries and backgrounds as well.

Lydia Yang is a Singaporean Digital Marketing Consultant and experienced trainer with years of experience working for top multinational brands in the travel, retail, and consumer goods industry. She has also lectured for multiple training institutes one of which includes a renowned polytechnic in Singapore. She has conducted Digital Marketing Bootcamp courses for mid-career individuals looking to explore a digital marketing role.

Facebook Content Marketing for You: Top Strategies that Work
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