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Learn Facebook Ads and Start Online Business (Urdu/Hindi)

Become Facebook Ads Professional and Start Your Online Career.
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Facebook Ads

Learn facebook ads and start your online career. Facebook ads is the most widely skill nowadays and every company wants their presence on facebook. So it's the best time to learn more about that and grab the opportunity. I've discussed all the thing in this course as freelancing perspective.


1. Setting up Business Manager and Ads Manager (Difference)

2. Setting up billing information and cautions for adding billing details

3. Setting up permission

4. Pixel creation, installation and problem

5. Custom conversion

6. Audience Insights

7. Campaign Structure (Campaign, Adset, Ads)

8. Audience Creation and their types (Core, custom and lookalike)

9. Split Testing

10. Automating the performance

11. Management of ads

12. Different metrices for winning or a losing campaign

13. Ad Reports

14. Analytics

15. Scaling of ads

16. Bonus (errors, pro strategies, etc, etc)

Learn Facebook Ads and Start Online Business (Urdu/Hindi)
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