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Facebook Ads, The Complete Course. 2021

Learn how to advertise on the 2021 NEW LOOK version of Facebook! Zero to HERO!
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How to advertise successfully on Facebook.
How to get and manage leads for a business with lead generation campaigns.
Step by step ad creation process and optimization.
How to build custom and lookalike audiences, and best practices when using them.
How to create and optimize a Facebook business page.

So, you're thinking about learning how to market on Facebook. Or maybe you've already begun!

Well, let me give a big YES to that! Advertising on Facebook is growing fast, but still, a lot of businesses still do not have the right people to advertise for them. So, this means... they need people like me and people like you, and they needed us yesterday! Not to mention you can easily apply Facebook advertising to your own business. But in any case, good Facebook marketers are in demand, and so long as social media sticks around, will still be in demand in the future!

Here are a few of the best things about marketing on Facebook:

- It's very much a "turn on your computer" kind of job. Expect flexibility!

- It is one of the great "work from home" kind of jobs. Expect remote work!

- Basic levels of skill can offer competitive rates of pay. Expect to be valued!

But of course, anything worth having usually is not easy to get. In fact, it can take between 6 months to a year of trial and error, before you can break down the barriers of Facebook marketing and finally create amazing Ads that deliver positive results time and time again.

So, with this in mind...

I have NOT designed "Facebook Ads, the Complete Course" to just show you how to start basic Ads in Facebook, but rather, I'll ALSO share my own complete experience with Facebook marketing; I do this by cutting to the chase and showing you what things have worked for me in my campaigns and are still working for me TODAY!

"Facebook Ads, the Complete Course" includes real-life advertising for a real client. And by sharing the set-up and results of these real-world Ads, I hope to provide you with the knowledge needed to start advertising on Facebook as quickly as possible.

What this course teaches:

- Creating and optimizing a Facebook page to get the most out of it.

- Multiple and complete REAL Ad campaign setups with follow up tutorials explaining the results.

- Choosing the right types of images for your Ads (VERY IMPORTANT!).

- How to get affordable leads for a business.

- How to create a compelling Ad copy (text) that convinces people to engage more with your Ad/s.

- Ad optimization to get better costing results.

- Pixels, custom and lookalike audiences; re-targeting, the "Do's and Dont's" of Facebook marketing, and much more!

The course in numbers:

- 9+ hours of high-quality tutorials split into 75+ lectures (Expect more to be added).

- 1 Facebook page to join, (Op Ad Vision).

- 25+ custom quiz questions throughout the course to test your knowledge.

- 30-day money-back guarantee.

- 5 Downloadable resources.

So with so much to offer from Facebook, what are you waiting for? "Facebook Ads, the Complete Course," is waiting for you!

Enroll today and begin your new and exciting journey :)

Warrick Klimaytys

Facebook Ads, The Complete Course. 2021
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