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Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies For Success Like Pro

Facebook Marketing Targeting Strategy To Find More Customers, sales and leads In 2020/2021
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Understand facebook ads
Perfect facebook targetting
Make online sales

Get started with Facebook marketing and learn to target the perfect audience without any problem. The following are the topics covered : 

1 - Making your first ad With Facebook New Interface

2 - Boost Post Vs Ads Manager

3 - Creating Page Likes Ad

4 - Facebook Audience Targeting Basic

5 - Strategy#1 - Most Powerful Yet Simple

6 - Strategy#2 - Winning Audience Testing

7 - Strategy#3 - Creative Testing Like A Pro

8 - Strategy#4 - Using Audience Insights

9 - Understanding Research Tool

10 - Strategy#5 - Targetting Hidden Audiences

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Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to learn facebook ads

My goal as a mentor is to deliver my knowledge to every single one of you to become successful in life and help obtain financial freedom and a good career path ahead in the field of digital.

I am a digital entrepreneur with a Master's degree with over 4 years of experience. I have worked for or have been employed by more than 40+ brands during all these years and have learned a lot from my experience in being successful and sometimes a failure.

I have run advertising campaigns In Pakistan, United States of America & United Arab Emirates.

I have been generating a minimum 4x ROAS in ECommernce for a long time now. Teaching what i have learned so far.

I also own a digital marketing agency and have taught more than 100k + students from around the world

I Put MBA with my name because I worked really hard to earn it
Now all of us are proud of our own achievements. Also " Yasir Ahmed MBA" is a unique keyword phrase that allows me to appear to the top of your google search.

Please do connect with at my social media profiles, i would really like to hear from you!

Facebook Ads Targeting Strategies For Success Like Pro
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