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Facebook Ads for Freelancers

Ads 101 for solo video creators
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Facebook advertising
Instagram advertising
Facebook ads manager
Marketing a videography business

If you are a freelance videographer, photographer, or graphic designer curious about running ads for your clients or business - this is the mini course for you!

Learn the basics to running Facebook and Instagram ads for your videography, photography, or other freelance business. Take this skill set and add it as an upsell to your future projects to earn more money and make a bigger impact on the businesses you work with.

You will learn exactly how to start your account from scratch, build a campaign, target your ideal clients, and use the campaign to drive results. Ideal outcomes students will gain are improved confidence, the skill set to reach and attract new clients, and a marketable skill that can drive earning potential for all future client work.

Enjoy 3 bonus lessons that will assist you in organically marketing your business on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook Ads for Freelancers
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