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Facebook Ads Crash Course

Your Guide To Planning, Creating and Launching Successful Facebook Ads
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Create a Facebook ad with confidence, use re-targetting and advanced techniques to target custom audiences.

Lifetime access includes all future updates, student Q&A and additional resources. 

If you run a business or are an entrepreneur, you have to take this class! This is the same class I teach in person and here are what some of my students say:

"If you want to greatly improve your online presence and have a great time learning, take this class. Steve will energize and empower you." Brian P,  Marketing Director

"Steve is absolutely a mastermind with clear, insightful and educational information on how to build your business with Facebook Ads." Jennifer C, Executive Director

"I always come away from (Steve’s classes) armed with new knowledge and understanding that I can use immediately" Shirona T, Marketing Manager

Facebook ads are the #1 tool to help your business grow. In this Masterclass you will understand the whole picture and be able to create a Facebook Ad that actually converts! Owned media channels, to your website and landing pages, without understanding these assets, your ads are bound to fail, and I will not let that happen! You will learn how to plan, strategize and implement Facebook Ads with ease. 

You will be walked through how to target your audience and discover how you can create custom audiences for pin point ad targeting. 

You Will Learn:

  • How To Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business
  • How To Target Your Audience With Pin Point Accuracy
  • How To Plan and Budget For Your Ads
  • How Your Website and Other Online Channels Impact Your Ads
  • How To Determine Your Demographic Targets
  • How To Re-Market To Potential Customers Who Have Not Purchased From you
  • How To Market to Past Customers

Facebook Ads Crash Course
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