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Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Guide 2021 Fast start

Facebook Marketing from beginner to advanced / Learn how to create Facebook Ads and Grow your Target Audience
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Facebook Algorithm
Facebook Business Page Algorithm
Social Media Marketing
Facebook ads manager
Content Algorithm
Ads Manager Targeting
Ads placement
Ads statistics
Bussines Page Tools
Connect with new audiences and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads
Billing and time zone in ads manager
Ads manager / ads placement
Lead generation
Page insights
Ads raporting / statistics
Audience Psychotypes

During this course I am going to share the knowledge and experience I have gained in 7 years in the field of digital marketing :

I was managing Business pages of companies such as:

Auto industry


Sports nutrition supplements

Beauty centers,

Dental centers






Clothing stores and other

This course is for beginner digital marketers who want a quick start to getting results, this course is also for startups who cant hire a digital marketer and are going to do all this themselves.

After taking this course you will know how the Facebook algorithm works as well as what is needed to create interesting and quality content for your target audience.

How to plan advertising campaigns, how to choose the right advertising target for you, how to target your target audience, where to place these ads and of course how to calculate their effectiveness and be able to improve these indicators, you will learn the rest of the details in the course itself.

As a bonus, you will receive checklists that will help you take the right steps faster and easier, to continue, just buy this course and start communicating with me

From this course you will learn :

1. What is the social network Facebook and how does it unite people

2.  Different interest groups

3. Facebook Algorithm

4. Facebook Business Algorithm

5. Content Algorithm

6. create bussines page

7. set up bussines page

8. Create an event

9. Facebook ads manager

10. Billing and time zone in ads manager

11. Ad manager's advertising goals (Reach and brand awarenes)

12. Ads manager advertising goals (Consideration)

13. Ads manager budget optimization

14. Ads manager targeting

15. Ads manager ads placement

16. Ad creative

17. Lead generation

18. Page insights

19. Ads raporting / statistics

20. Audience Psychotypes

Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Guide 2021 Fast start
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