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Facebook Ads Advanced Traffic & Conversions Mastermind 2017

Learn how to build a real business selling real products on Facebook using Shopify and FB Advertising - Over 21 Hours
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Build a fully optimized high converting shopify store, create high converting Facebook ads and scaling existing Facebook ads to generating more revenues.

The most complete advanced Facebook ads training that teaches you how to generate sales and profits using the Shopify platform. Watch how I've helped 6 students become 6 figure earners in less than 2 months.  This course goes over how to

  • Set up your own Shopify store
  • Find products that are selling
  • Use Facebook for market research
  • Create your Facebook ads
  • Create your Facebook fanpage
  • Case studies of student going from $0 to $230k with this course
  • Case studies of student going from $200 a day to $2,000+ a day
  • Case study of student going from 0 to $1,000 a day in 2 weeks
  • Case study of student going from $0 to $200 a day in 3 days

You will get a hands on experience and see EXACTLY how we do the ads and how we roll out campaigns on Facebook. This isn't your typical course where we show you just the basics. We show you real life strategies that you can implement today!

Facebook Ads Advanced Traffic & Conversions Mastermind 2017
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