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Facade Lighting Design Techniques

Mastering facade lighting design using Dialux evo and Photoshop software.
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Design facade lighting using Dialux evo and Photoshop
Select the right luminaire for facade lighting
Create an amazing presentation for facade lighting projects

This is an amazing course to master facade lighting design.  This course will teach you all the tips and tricks on how to do facade lighting designs using Dialux evo and Photoshop.

All lectures has videos and manuals for you to learn by watching and reading.

There are also lots of sample designs and learning materials inside this course, so you will see it for yourself how I did it.

Most importantly, this course will teach you how to select the right luminaire for different facade lighting challenges.  Also, this course will teach you how to create an amazing presentations for facade lighting projects.

Enroll now and see you on this on-line classroom.

Enjoy learning!

Facade Lighting Design Techniques
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