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Fabric Painting: Paint on any type of fabric.

Learn to sketch, paint and hand embroidery on all different fabrics of your choice, from natural to synthetic ones.
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Sketch, paint or embroidery on any types of fabric of your choice from natural to synthetic ones.
Assemble the stretcher frame, how to stretch the fabric onto the frame.
Create your designs on fabric.
Painting and mixing colors on fabric.
Fixing colors and framing your fabric on a wooden frame.
Hand embroidery on the fabric (optional).

I've been working with silk, cotton and many types of fabric materials since the last six years. I studied the different kinds of fibers and fabrics, the differences between silk dyes and silk paints, the differences between textile paints and silk paints, how to use acrylic paints in replacement for textile paints, which is the fundamental information for successful textile and fabric artists.

The more I work with silk and fabric painting, the more I love it. Not only for its vibrant colors, but also for its feminine with a wide range of products from silk scarves, silk kimono jackets, silk paintings, cotton paintings, linen paintings, to home deco items; as well as its flexibility when it comes to many different painting techniques, for example: using water, salt, sugar, alcohol, ink, dye, paint, dilutant, anti-fusant, or thickener and other tools to create patterns like using needle and threads in Japanese Shibori technique, other techniques such as tie and dye, ice and dye, or adding embroidery.

There are literally hundred of ways to paint on fabrics. And the techniques also various from painting on naturals fibres compare to synthetic ones.

In this online workshop: ”Fabric Painting: Paint on any type of fabric”, I'll guide you to create your beautiful painting on linen fabric using the most simple way of Fabric Painting.

Applying this technique, you'll then be able to paint on all different kind of fabric, from natural (e.g. silk, cotton, linen or wool) to synthetic (e.g. polyester, acrylic, nylon or latex) fabrics which you can find in the market, or may already have at home included your table cloth, tote bag, denim jeans or jacket and so on.

After completing this course, you will make 1 colorful and unique painting for your kitchen. I'm going to use linen but you can choose any fabric of your choice, doesn't matter old or new.

I have break down this course into 10 small videos. In each video/ step, I'll guide you thoroughly from preparing your fabric to creating your own designs, from sketching to painting and mixing colors on fabric.

You'll receive a list of materials required and learn how to choose the paints, how to save cost when starting out this technique.

You'll learn how to paint on fabric and how to fix the colors on the fabric permanently.

You'll also learn how to frame the fabric onto a wooden frame for displaying or to hand on the wall, and a contemporary approach of hand embroidery.

At the end of the course, you can make absolutely endless ideas of products of your choice, on your own, from wearing to decorating, to traditional paintings using this beautiful Fabric Painting techniques.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and exploring this wonderful Art journey together!

Fabric Painting: Paint on any type of fabric.
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