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Fabric Decoupage Course

Decoupage Course
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How to prepare fabric base
How to put decoupage paper ,2 techniques to get wrinkle free effect
How to do fussy cutting
What paints to use
How to merge the paints
Water proofing…all will be covered
Varnishing to an adequate thickness
Decoupage on Flat, large and curved surfaces with Pattern Paper and Napkins
Techniques like Blending Colors, Dabbing, Stamping and – Distressing, Antique look techniques
Understanding Mod podge, types of paper, varnish and finishing projects.
Understanding Decoupage glue types of paper, varnish and finishing projects.

Learn the Classic French art of Decoupage with one of the finest trainers, REKHA GARG

You must have wondered about the technique pf decoupage that transforms your articles into irresistible pieces of art. You may have even tried your hand and perhaps were not completely satisfied with the result, either in terms of finish, techniques or color & paper combinations. This comprehensive session/module is definitely for you who finds decoupage interesting and would like to hone your skill to get impeccably finished outcomes.

The Art of Decoupage goes way beyond cutting and pasting paper on surface. An understanding and execution of creating decoupage backgrounds, using paints for flawless blending and merging, stamping, stenciling etc are the fundamentals of doing an excellent decoupage project. This Masterclass will be an answer to all your doubts, queries, incomplete leanings, and will fill the gaps in your expertise, so that you can excel in this.

About the Class:

Step by step detailed practical training & discussions about different decoupage techniques on 2 DIFFERENT CUSHION with MULTIPLE decoupage mediums such as TISSUES. You will also learn enhancement and finishing techniques for your projects.

Course curriculum:

Cushion Cover: Not the easiest surface to decoupage without wrinkles, you will master the art of decoupaging on fabric. You will also learn the use of STENCILS and SPRAYS to complement the decoupage.

Last but not the least – gain confidence of exploring decoupage by mixing and matching all the surfaces, techniques and effects learnt in this exhaustive class, possibilities are innumerable.

Fabric Decoupage Course
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