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Fabioulous Pizza

Learn the tricks of a professionals and bring them into your kitchen.
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Make the best homemade pizza, using what you have at home.

Making pizza is easy, even making “good” pizza is easy.

But there are many elements, many little things you could - and should - know about. Once you understand them all, you can really go to the next level and surprise your friends by giving them something that not even some "real" pizzerias would be able to offer.

We're talking about fundamentals here: you can’t run if you don’t learn to walk first. It wouldn’t make too much sense to learn about pre-mixes, high hydration, advanced kneading techniques and blah blah, before knowing the basics that really matter.

This course will teach you many tips and tricks used by professionals, so you can bring them into your kitchen. You will also see debunked the most common recipes you find on the web, because the truth is not always out there.

It is said that the devil is in the details, and this is true for pizza making too.

The course has a DIY approach and most likely you have already everything that's needed!

Fabioulous Pizza
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