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Eyelash Lamination + Botox for Eyelashes (Lash lift)

You will study new eyelash lamination technique: theory and practice.
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 54 students enrolled
You will get ready-made schemes, graphs to facilitate your work
Learn how to make lamination of eyelashes using compositions produced by any company
You will increase the speed of your work and you will make the laying of eyelashes on the roller for 10 minutes
You will easily work with “complex” eyes of your clients (deep-set eyes, overhanging eyelid, wide inter-eyelash, etc.)
How to avoid mistakes when laminating
Short eyelashes are not a problem for the lamimaker

Being an eyelash maker  is my vocation. I like every detail in my work. I love creativity and diversity. I am a practicing professional and a teacher of eyelash lamination. Everything that you will study from my course is taken from personal experience, tested by me in the process of work with hundreds of my satisfied customers.

This educational course will help you learn a new profession, which is currently in demand, find out the subtleties of work, life hacks that will change your idea of eyelashes. The course is divided into theoretical and practical parts.

I decided to take a thorough approach when creating the course and I have prepared 2 practical lessons for you. What does it mean? In addition to a detailed theory, I comment and show the procedure of eyelash laminating with 2 models. Different models, different eye types and peculiarities of work. Everything is much more interesting than you think.

This course has everything to make you a successful eyelash lamination professional.

I wish you fruitful training and fluffy eyelashes.

Are you eager to learn the secrets of perfect eyelash lamination? Then prepare a pen, a notebook, and all your attention, we proceed!

Eyelash Lamination + Botox for Eyelashes (Lash lift)
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