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Design an Amazing Flyer, Brochure Poster Like a Professional

Learn how to create professional looking flyers and posters that will help you being seen as an authority in your niche!
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Create professional looking flyers, posters and marketing materials that helps them position as an authority in their niches
Work with Canva design tools and create marketing materials just like a pro

Probably you received many times flyers, posters and many printed marketing materials and thought how great they look. They are professional made and just catch attention.

If you are like most small business owners you said yourself "They look awesome, but it is too difficult for me to design by myself and I cannot afford to pay a graphic designer..."

This is true... and not. It is true that paying a designer to create your flyers, or posters can cost you a lot of money.

But it is not true you cannot do it by yourself.

Since flyers ans posters are one of the most common type of marketing material you can use to promote offline your business, having your own professional looking usually help a lot in positioning you as an authority in your niche (asumming you have quality products that can help people get results).

This course is a beginner course on how to create professional looking flyers and posters for promotional activities and marketing campaigns by using Canva's free tool. It is intended for people who want to position themselfes, their products ans services and be seen as an authority (like ..."these guys are good, look what stunning flyers they use to present their offer..")

And to also capture attention immediately with your offer.

You don't need any graphic design experience, just start from zero and create amazing flyers and posters that look awesome.

You will learn

  • how to create your Canva account,
  • how to use the design dashboard,
  • how to add images,
  • how to format the text areas,
  • how to find out already prepared text blocks that look professional,
  • how to add shapes,
  • graphic objects, frames, lines, illustrations
  • the most important types of flyers and posters
  • how to export your posters and flyers projects from Canva to print them.

By taking it, you will be able to understand and master the art of creating high quality posters, flyers images in the step by step demonstrations.

In your own pace.

Since any marketing campaign is a visual project, an engaging flyer will improve your conversion rates and catch people attention.

In this course you will get step by step video explanations to help you understand in a comfortable way all about creating this kind of marketing materials in minutes, for free and without any previous graphic experience.

The course can be downloaded as a video training to watch or listen it in your own pace and whenever it suits you better... just like a podcast.

To start, here's what you need to do next... click the Take this Course button top right and you'll be taken to our secure payment page.

Just Enter Your Regular Details and complete your investment to have immediate access.

Stop struggling with boring flyers and posters people don't want to even look at and start mastering flyers design in minutes, just like a pro!

Thank you for reading this and learning about my course ... I hope what I will teach you when you will start the course will help you make a huge performance leap! Click now on TAKE THIS COURSE to get started!

Design an Amazing Flyer, Brochure Poster Like a Professional
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