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Extreme Couponing for Busy Women

A Busy Woman’s Guide to Extreme Couponing
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Learn how to coupon despite busy schedule

So many people show an interest in learning to coupon every day, but they tell themselves that they just do not have the time. This audiobook is not only going to teach you how you can get started couponing, but how you can do so in whatever time you have available in your busy schedule - even if it is only a couple of hours a week.

You will learn:

  • How to get started couponing

  • How to save the most money in as little time as possible

  • Where to get coupons

  • How to find the best deals without spending your precious time scouring flyers for them

  • Tips that will help you save the most money

  • And so much more

By the time that you finish listening to this audiobook, you will know everything that you need to start couponing as early as today - without spending 40 hours a week searching for deals.

Couponing should be something you enjoy, not another full-time job. For that reason, this audiobook tell you how you can reduce your family's grocery bill by up to 90 percent in only a few hours each week.

About the expert: Brandy Morrow is a busy mother of three who runs her own freelance business. While still ensuring that her house runs properly, she ensures that every meal is prepared at home using healthy ingredients, works out one hour each day, and finds the time to coupon in order to save as much as she can. Brandy started couponing four years ago, when her interest was piqued by the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. Brandy is a self-taught couponer who is passionate about teaching others how to save money. Brandy believes that when we focus on saving the money we earn, we have a huge impact on our own quality of life. Brandy regularly donates items that she purchases with coupons and helps local families that are in need with care packages.

Extreme Couponing for Busy Women
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