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Extended Range Bass Technique For 6 String Bass

Intermediate Level Workshop for Extended Range Bass Players
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Once the student finish the course he will have expanded his knowledge for the instrument. Low, mid & high range
Will have very good bass technique and knowledge that will give him for sure more confidence
Able to play technical examples and to expand his rhythm ability
Able to play with playback & training as a simulated music band
Ability to play Intervals all over the fingerboard
Available to play independently all fingers on the left hand
Recognize the range, positions and notes and make connection with the staff
Will improve hid sight reading

* This volume is created to resolve all problems with the 6 Str. Bass as:

* 6 String bass full coverage Step-By-Step Guide

* Muting strings technique

* Hammer on & Pull-off

* Way to expand Your rhythm with eights with accents

* Technical examples to work and have good connection with all fingers on the left hand

* Association with the fingerboard and the stuff

* Side-reading Improvement

* Solution how to write and recognize the higher range of the instrument

* Playing With playback and simulating a music band

* Unlimited option to play every playback example in any key, any style and any BPM Tempo

* All examples are with written fingerprints, strings and shifting

Extended Range Bass Technique  For 6 String Bass
$ 24.99
per course
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