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Extending your knowledge with swift Extensions

Swift- Inception : Function within a Function. Welcome to the functional world of programming with SWIFT.
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After this course you'll find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with other pro coders
You'll feel comfortable writing framework level generic methods and not just be a mere developer who consumes the frameworks and treats language frameworks as a black box.

Ever wondered how those intimidating GenericMethods with parameters "<T>" and constraints like "where" work under the hood? Well, like everything else  nothing stays intimidating after we get acquainted with them. Join me to unleash the beauty and tame the beasts of functional programming.  

We will go together step by step looking at various inbuilt extension methods like count, filter e.t.c provided by swift and how they might be working under the hood. You will gain valuable insight and knowledge which would prove helpful to you in your future as a software developer.

Extending your knowledge with swift Extensions
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