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Expressionism Abstract Acrylic Art Painting 3D

" Waves Passion Storm"
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Create your own painting in one lesson
Understanding Abstract Art
Do And Dont's of Abstract Art
Six things you should know as an Abstract Painter
Five Painting rules you should break in Abstract Art
What you need to create a good Abstract Art paint
Elements making your Abstract Successful
Learning how to express your own feelings by using colors
Learning how to make a colour roll
Working in a big canvas, using more details with Modelling Paste.
How we use the Palette Knife - Spatula, with the Modelling Paste
What is the Impasto Technique & Modelling Paste
What is the Palette Knife
Complementary colours theory
Exercise contrast complementary & Exercise mixing colours into squares
Theory Quiz of the Abstract Art
Waves Passion Storm ArtBook

Abstract Art Workshop is a course designed for anyone who likes painting, everyone who want to learn, who want to try new ways to express feelings, who are not afraid to make fun mistakes, beginners, intermediate or advanced students, all those people who feel happy while painting and wish to be creative.

This course will teach you how to build a whole painting in one sitting, how you can express your thoughts and feelings using just the colours without a drawing on your canvas. I will show you step by step how to add texture, layers and create 3D forms to the canvas with unusual things. Help you to trust yourself and have confidence to paint with freedom, without any worries or fear of making mistakes. Change the way you're thinking and understanding a piece of Expressionism Abstract Art.

Abstract Art is used as an idea, since it does not represent the material world, it represents the spiritual one. “Art for Art’s Sake”. All it requires is an open mind and a big imagination. There is no right or wrong answer, Abstract Art is open to interpretation, gives you the freedom to explore the work and assign your own meaning to a piece. Abstract Art requires inventiveness that invites you to discover yourself, the first step is to prepare yourself to look beyond the things you already know or recognize. Abstract Paintings doesn’t allow you to decide everything, rather it requires you to act……

There are painting rules you may need to break while you making Abstract Art, after all, Rules are made to be broken, so don’t be afraid to experiment with breaking them. In my course you will learn some elements which can help you to separate the good piece of art. Elements like Lines, Texture, shape, Forms, etc

In here I feel the need to share with you the whole idea behind that project, what inspired me, create the whole idea of it. I admit it was a bit of hard time for me, I had to handle a situation which upset me. When that happens in my life I have a habit to be alone near to the sea, the sea makes me feel calm, and so I went there. I have a privilege to live near to the sea, so it’s easy to approach it. I was sitting there and let my eyes and mind to the sea, trying to calm down, I was lucky as there were no people as it was the end of winter. The sea was still wild, it was blowing, still cold and were lots of waves. I was observing the waves, and somehow imagined like I was inside the sea, fighting to be on surface to breath, that’s how I was feeling, unable to breath. Hours later return home, didn’t find an answer for what troubled me. However, a few days afterwards in my studio I wanted to take that feeling out by painting.

So, I start making waves, in different colours, shapes, techniques. Each of the painting was taking some of my pain, painting, always helps me to take out my feelings, any feeling and here it weren’t positives, so had to take it out and clear my mind. Colours at the start were in the red palette, which express disagreement, reaction, resistance, but time to time I start using different colours, brighter, relaxing.

As I am writing above as well as into the theory of the lesson, Abstract Art provide you the freedom to express yourself, be free, use only the colours and forms for what you want to say.

Here I show you one of my paintings, still were upset. You can use any colour to express yourself, keep only the technique. I will teach you some methods and provide you the Knowledge to start your own painting even if you are total beginner, or helping you to take your painting style to the next level as an intermediate or advanced student / painters.

Time to start, I said lots…… Let’s be creative…… Let’s start…….

Expressionism Abstract Acrylic Art Painting 3D
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