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Export Operations Management

International business and trade development. Templates and analytical tools are included
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Prepare the export plan
Develop export strategies
Plan the international movement of goods
Identify the problems and pitfalls that challenge international exporters

The course caters for students who wish to add an international dimension to their business education and who are aiming for a career in the global business market. It will be giving students the opportunity to live and work in one, or even two, countries other than their own.It is designed to provide students with the business and management skills and/or cultural awareness required for success in an international business environment. It will equip the students with an export knowledge and export operations management skills required for management posts in an international environment. The international experience will be an important and positive factor in the personal development of students and  a foreign language competence will give them a competitive edge in  the job market.

This course is concerned with preparations to enter international markets. Initial emphasis is placed on export activities with a focus on the role of management in starting up international operations.

Export Operations Management
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