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Astronomy: Exploring the solar system

Journey at the edge of our cosmic backyard
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The basics of our Solar System
The formation of our Solar System
Details about the contents in the Solar System
Concept of planets

The solar system is the most fundamental topic taught to us in our schools. However, we try to explore our neighborhood from a scientific and factual point of view and understand how it all came into being! We first traveled in the past to understand how our solar system was born. Then we took a tour to find the edge of it. After learning some quick interesting stuff about the planets, we turned towards understanding more about them and their moons. And we finished up with understanding how the smaller bodies of the solar system contain important clues about the origin and the evolution.

What all is part of the solar system? Where is its edge? Discover the answers with me in this course

What are you waiting for? Join us now to explore our cosmic backyard!

Astronomy: Exploring the solar system
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