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Microservices With Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Microservices using Eureka, Feign, Config Repo, Config Service, Hystrix Plus Dependency Injection and AOP deep dive
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Learn How to build a Spring Boot Microservices based system using Spring Cloud
Spring Boot with Actuator, HAL Browser, Swagger and other goodies
Spring Cloud Eureka Service Discovery
Spring Cloud Config Server and Client
Spring Cloud Feign Declarative REST Client
Spring Cloud Hystrix Circuit Breaker
Spring Cloud Ribbon Client Load Balancing
Sprig Framework Dependency Injection Deep Dive
Spring Framework Aspect Oriented Programming Deep Dive
Interview Questions, Design / Architecture Challenge Questions

This course is about Spring Cloud Microservice development. This course is for the IT professional (and final year students) who have some professional experience (or no professional experience at all) and wants a short , direct, solid, to the point and deep introduction of Spring framework based Microservice development. It specifically eliminates all unnecessary theory and tries to link the student's existing knowledge in making him / her realize that a significant portion of Microservice development is not any different from regular java REST service development. The direct approach tries to reduce learning curve and speed up the learning processes. It demystifies Microservice development at a fast pace. For example, it stresses that after all, Microservices are services themselves. If someone is already confident in designing legacy monolithic REST services, a lot of those skills transfers directly to Microservice development as well. At the same time, it highlights specific areas where Microservice development has solid differences from legacy service development. This course thus, will focus on two aspects of the students background

1. What he / she already knows about service development and how that skill still is useful in Microservice development.
2. What he / she needs to know new about  Microservice development.

 We cover several topics including Spring Framework Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, Spring Boot based Microservice development ,which will add confidence to the student and his/her ability to do Spring Boot, as well as some of the heavily used Spring Cloud Netflx stack of libraries including 
 1. Spring Cloud Service Discovery. 
 2. Spring Cloud Config Service using Github
 3. Spring Cloud Config Client
 4. Spring Cloud Deteriorative Client Feign
 5. Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker Hystrix

 Lastly, we use a custom loan application domain as a field to explore Microservice development.

Microservices With Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
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