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Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts|走进心理学

Howdo you interpretThe Da Vinci Code? Isa sleepwalker aware of themselves? Islanguage before the mind or the contrary? This course will answerthese questions and more with psychology theories. 如何解读达芬奇密码?一个人梦游他自己知道么?先有语言还是先有思想?本门课将用最新最酷的心理学理论来解答这些问题。
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This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts that form the foundation of the field of psychology. Topics include history of psychology, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning and memory, and life-span development. Class lectures emphasize an empirical approach to a scientific understanding of human behavior across these domains. In addition to learning basic content information about psychology, students will learn how psychologists ask questions, evaluate evidence, and communicate with each other. 心理学是现代生活中人们最广泛涉及的主题,无论是生活中的衣食住行,还是工作中的为人处世,都离不开心理学,都需要心理学的知识和帮助。世界有三大谜:物质起源之谜、生命起源之谜、意识起源之谜,心理学就是探索关于意识起源之谜的科学。心理学研究领域丰富而广泛,且与许多学科有交叉,每一个学生都可能从中找到自己感兴趣的领域。本课程从认知、学习、情感、人际、健康、行为不同侧面介绍心理学知识,以回答学生们在探索自我、认识社会与思考人生的困惑。
Exploring Psychology's Core Concepts|走进心理学
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