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Exploring Morality and Ethics in NBC's The Good Place

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Introductory moral philosophy

Holy motherforking shirtballs—2020 really has been The Bad Place! Let's figure out how to put some good into the world by examining what it means to be good people according to NBC's critically acclaimed sitcom, The Good Place. This course will cover the basics of moral philosophy through the lens of The Good Place, discussing concepts such as moral particularism, utilitarianism, Kant's views on deontology, how to not be "an Arizona trash bag," and much more. Everyone hates moral philosophy professors, but luckily this instructor is just a linguist who wants to take this ethical trolley ride right along with you. Each lesson will conclude with a discussion of "What does this mean for us on our quest to be good people?". Together we'll discover ways to be better smartbrained mortals, one Jeremy Bearimy at a time.

Exploring Morality and Ethics in NBC's The Good Place
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