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Working with HTML5 - For Web Developers and Designers

Explore HTML 5 in detail with all its major features
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Once you complete this course you will be able to take full advantage of HTML5 and its features using which you can develop mobile applications, offline applications and not mention cool web sites and web applications

This course covers the various features that's being offered by HTML5

In this course we will be covering

1. What is HTML5 and Why we need it

2. Features of HTML5 which includes

  • New Structural Tags
  • New Content Tags
  • New App-Focused Tag
  • Deprecated Tags

3. Understanding HTML5 Documents

4. How to structure HTML5 Documents

5. Working with HTML5 Forms

6. Various API Supports including

  • Canvas
  • Drag and Drop
  • Offline Applications
  • Video

7. Associated Technologies including

  • Geolocation
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL
  • Web Sockets
Working with HTML5 - For Web Developers and Designers
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