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Exploring Dreams #2: Live Jungian Dream Work Demo

Discover Jungian Dream Interpretation and Dream Analysis in this Remarkable Case Study of a Live Dream Group Recording
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How dream interpretation works
What a dream group really does
How synchronicity participates in dream work

Reviews of Exploring Dreams #1

"An excellent primer for exploring dreams. Comprehensive, engaging, funny, well crafted - anyone who is curious ... will benefit from this class." (Sonny M.)

"I absolutely enjoyed every single lecture whole-heartedly. Dr. Ron & Debbie are both superior instructors and they made the classes incredibly interesting." (Ushma A.)

Everybody dreams every night. Yet most people have never really understood any of their dreams. Don't miss this rare chance to explore and acquire an in-depth understanding of dream interpretation. Listen in on a small group of dream workers analyzing a dream word by word. It's an experience you won't forget.

This is NOT a simplified method to interpret your own dreams. Actually, it's sort of the opposite.

We take you inside our Jungian dream interpretation group that has met by telephone each week for 20 years now. This fascinating dream triggers the thrills of synchronicity, messages for us all, and maybe even dream telepathy?

You cannot imagine the riches that emerge from one little dream! Hear exactly how it's done.

Download the script of the dream and follow along with us...

It's more relevant and exciting to study the anatomy of a dream and learn basic concepts from actual recorded dreamwork sessions.

Before the session, we orient you and provide some dream work tools. After the session, we offer suggestions to help you recall your dreams and record them in a dream journal. We also show you a number of interesting benefits and uses of keeping a dream journal.

Section 1:  First, you get a brief dream work orientation, including the many layers or perspectives you can explore to find meanings for any symbol. We also recount an amazing story from the late well-known dream worker Jeremy Taylor--to whom this class is dedicated-- that shows the power of dream truths to change a life direction. We even provide a downloadable list of instructions for orienting those who are new to group dream work.

Section 2: We next take you inside a 60-minute live dream group discussion, complete with detailed explanations every step of the way. Observe dream work that is rarely visible to the public.

Amazing coincidences abound in this fascinating dream as its meaning unravels one layer at a time. Dr. Ron designed step-by-step mini-lectures to discuss each segment.  Months of work were invested in creating this rare teaching tool for demonstrating dream interpretation to the public.

Section 3: We help you get started on collecting your dreams with handy hints for remembering your dreams and Debbie's discussion of dream journals and their uses.

Please check out some of our free lectures or Enroll Now and learn more about your dreams.

You can't lose with a money-back guarantee! You know you're going to dream again tonight - it's well worth taking this opportunity to learn just how much exploring your dreams can enrich your life.

Exploring Dreams #2: Live Jungian Dream Work Demo
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