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Exploring Churches: Gain Insights to Enhance Your Visit.

Reconize what you see when you visit an English church. Find out what can be seen and somethimg of their history .
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Confidently identify the main features of churches as well as many of the furnishings found in them.
Explain what has been learnt to others.
Share some interesting anecdotes from history.
Have a collection of unusual facts about churches to inform others

In this informative guide you will learn why English churches are designed as they are, the purpose of many items found in them and some interesting historical facts which add further insights.

English churches share many features in common with other Christian churches across the world, so much the knowledge gained by taking this course can easily be applied to your local church or when you visit a church while travelling.

Starting with a general introduction to English church buildings you will be led on a tour from the steeple to the sanctuary. Along the way you will discover some engaging snippets from history and other interesting facts. Through the many images used you will be able to see examples of the various things described.

This is an introduction to what is really a large subject and even if you are already familiar with churches you are likely to find out things you did not know before.

What you discover here will be a useful guide when you visit churches. You will be able to explain to those visiting with you something about the various things you see.

Exploring  Churches: Gain Insights to Enhance Your Visit.
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