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Learn Basic Microsoft Razor with JQuery and Visual Studio

Learn the Fundamentals of Programming with Microsoft Razor, JQuery, SQL and Visual Studio 2013 for Web!
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Create Web Pages
Deploy Web Pages
Understand the Fundamentals of Programming
Understand How to Code in Razor
Understand how to add and use JQuery in Pages
Understand How to Control Program Flow
Understand How to Process Submitted Forms
Understand How to Manipulate HTML and CSS with JQuery
Understand How to Write SQL Queries
Understand How to use SQL Queries in Web Pages
Understand how to execute code in a detailed way using Microsoft Visual Studio
Learn how to create templates in Visual Studio
Learn how to attach databases to projects
Learn How to Code and Use Your Own Functions
Learn How To Code and Use Arrays
Learn How To Use Basic HTML Helpers
Learn How To Perform Basic Validation
Learn How To Code and Use Various HTML Controls
Learn How To Use The Visual Studio Debugger For Maximum Insight
Learn How To Use With System Functions
Learn How To Use Modern Function Notation like Func<,,,,>

In this course, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 for Web, you learn the fundamentals of programming using Microsoft Razor. This course uses the very powerful "Step Into" feature of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. This debugger approach ensures you can observe the code execute line by line, so it's behavior is very clear and predictable. Why should you learn this language? Because Razor is a simplified syntax version of Microsoft C#, and Razor is widely used in many modern web architectures like MVC. However, Razor is also less intimidating than C#, so you'll get cracking in no time. Along the way, you'll get exposure to technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery and SQL. These are all essential technologies in the world of web development. And, of course,you learn to use Microsoft Visual Studio, which is one of the most powerful, and widely used programming environments in use today, and well into the future. Let's get coding!

Learn Basic Microsoft Razor with JQuery and Visual Studio
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