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Appreciating Ideas In Math And Physics

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Explain the concept of constants and variables
Explain the concept of a vector and why they matter
Understand the concept of distance, velocity and acceleration
Understand the concept of a period in space and time
And more!

Physics and math are the two intellectual tools that allow us to make the greatest discoveries about our world. In this course, you'll take an introductory tour through a few key ideas in math and physics. This course is best suited for those who are thoughtful, and like to learn about a variety of topics. This is not a standard physics course, but an overview of some key ideas that show how powerful ideas from math can be when applied to studying the natural world. If you like animations, and appreciate intellectual curiosity, this is absolutely the right course for you. The whole course is only two hours long, with each lesson being an HD video. The lessons are animations designed to help you build an intuitive grasp of the concepts. Thanks for reading, and let's get exploring!

Appreciating Ideas In Math And Physics
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