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Feminine Energy & Confidence: Explore your femininity

Get in touch with your inner femme in only 7 days
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What femininity means to you
What aspects of femininity you want to bring to your life
Creating a feminine space
Identifying feminine / masculine attributes
Feminine body language and gestures
Feeling present in the moment
Connecting with others and experiencing empathy
Embodying femininity in your daily life
Creating confidence through self-reflection and understanding

Join Eden, a femininity coach with more than a decade of experience, helping people feel more confident and in touch with their feminine selves, on a seven day journey to explore what femininity is, how it affects your confidence, and how to embrace it! This easy course gives you all of the tools you need to transform your life while empowering yourself to be the best femme you wish to be.

About Eden:

Hey! I'm Eden, and I'm the girl behind @findyourfemme!

I've spent the my entire my career advocating for female -- and feminine -- empowerment. My coaching experience has included working with pre-teens, teenagers, women of all types, trans women, drag queens, post-mastectomy women & gender non-conforming persons to look and feel as beautiful as they are inside.

Ultimately, I'm the girl in your corner. I'm here to encourage you to take those first steps in high heels. I'm here to cheer you on to step out in your most badass, feminine self. Whether it's corsets and your hair big and curly like a Victoria's Secret model walking the runway, or jeans and low tops, my goal with @findyourfemme is to help you feel beautiful, confident, and in connection with your feminine energy.

I've put together this course to share over a decade's worth of experience of helping women feel more confident in their bodies, and I can't wait to share it with you. I'm looking for anyone who wants to feel more in touch with their feminine side, and embrace everything it means to feel more femme. And believe me -- it's easier than you realize.

Feminine Energy & Confidence: Explore your femininity
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