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Explain Acids and Bases / Dispose and Dilute of Acid Safely

In this course, You will learn about Acids and Bases, Use acid safely with easy and simple steps.
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You will learn to do a litmus test.
You will learn to adjust water pH.
You will learn to prepare Citric Acid solution.

Welcome to the course, based on "Explain Acids and Bases / Dispose of and Dilute of Acid safely"

In this course, you will learn about how to use acid safely, dispose of and dilute acid. Acids react with bases to produce salt whose properties are different from acid and base. Acids are useful both in a chemistry lab and in real-world tasks, like keeping your swimming pool at the right pH. The improper use of acids is very dangerous.

So, we will cover;

  • Properties of Acids and Bases

  • The Dilution formula

  • Acid with dissolved heavy metals

  • Working safely with an Acid

  • Choose an indicator and A pH meter

  • Litmus paper in liquid

                                                                            Be Passionate about learning :)

Explain Acids and Bases / Dispose and Dilute of Acid Safely
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