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Expert Level in KRA Writing & Designing Measurement Systems.

Learn to write verifiable, credible KRAs that are measurable, learn types of measures and design data collection System.
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Refresh your KRA (Key Result Areas) writing skills, that are SMART.
Learn to design effective measurement systems that can measure performance and make it number driven, that business understands
Learn how to design the backend data collection systems to validate KRAs, from regular business processes
Continuous learning from the sample KRAs from various business functions, updated from time to time.

In addition to refreshing your KRA writing skills, in this course you shall learn to design effective data collection process that validates KRA from regular business processes. Number driven measurement system makes it simple for managers and employees alike to to effectively appraise (Annual Appraisal) performance at individual level, function level and at company level.

Your career related decisions are taken post the appraisals, like promotions, increment, Bonus etc. When you have measurable KRAs that is verified by business data, you gain the advantage of a transparent Appraisals, thus improving your chances of career progression.

Expert Level in KRA Writing & Designing Measurement Systems.
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