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Fourier Transform : The essence of Engineering

Learn Fourier series and transform basic to complex level at your pace and at your ease.
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Creation of Fourier series from a function.
Applications of Fourier series in Various Fields.
Get to know the reason behind invention of Fourier Series.

Do you want to know why making a Fourier Series of a function is important? Do you want to know about the uses of Fourier series and how it is used in other subjects of engineering? This course had also tried to focus on how Fourier series apply to periodic functions, and a generalization is the Fourier transform for general functions. This Course will try to break the norm that Fourier series is restricted to a kind of a wave that can be written as a sum of sines and cosines. You can see the use of Fourier series in thousands of application which helps mathematician, control systems, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, physics etc in their life’s. This course had tried to give an understanding of practical problem solving and application based examples. This course is unique as there are real lives examples are used to demonstrate every example.

Enroll yourself in this course to learn more about Fourier series problem solving, uses of Fourier series in engineering and in daily life etc.. This course includes examples of Fourier series so that no doubt is left in your mind after going through the sessions.

Fourier Transform : The essence of Engineering
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