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33 Exercises for Your Spinal Health

Move and Decompress Your Spine in Every Way it Can Move and Decompress
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By taking this course, students will achieve additional flexibility, mobility and strength as they learn to flex, extend, side bend, rotate and stabilize their spines.

Your spine has 33 vertebras, and in this course, "33 Exercises for Your Spinal Health," students will increase the flexibility, mobility and strength of their spines while gaining additional benefits such as improved mental and emotional health. Students will explore how to move their spines safely (from the first vertebra to the last segment of the tailbone) through flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation with additional exercises for spinal stabilization. Even those students with fused vertebras, herniated discs, scoliosis (less than a 50-degree curve is recommended) and/or kyphosis can greatly benefit from this course. Professional and/or amateur athletes and dancers may also find this course to be exactly the content they are looking for to "fill the gaps" of their regular conditioning routines. Students can rest easy knowing the 33 exercises move slowly and deeply and are explained in great detail throughout this course.

Students with diagnosed spinal conditions such as stenosis, spondylosis or others should proceed under the care of a medical professional. For example, for the majority of those diagnosed with  spinal extension and lateral flexion are contraindicative. The rest of the course can readily be enjoyed however!

33 Exercises for Your Spinal Health
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