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Exercise & Running after having a baby

Where you will learn When & How to return to exercise & When & how to return to running after giving birth
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When & how to return to exercise after giving birth
Changes your body goes through during pregnancy & the influence on exercise
Signs & symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
When & how to return to running after giving birth
Tissue healing times and what to do to help healing
Assessment for a diastasis
Assessment for a pelvic floor dysfunction
Full exercise and stretching programs

If you want to know how to get back to exercise & running after giving birth, this is for you! This course is a complete guide to return to exercise and running after giving birth. It includes safe exercise programs, broken into sections that will guide you through your journey of getting back to exercise & running. You will learn about changes that happens during pregnancy, signs & symptoms that you should not yet exercise and how to assess yourself for readiness to exercise and run.

It is easy to follow, has clear instructions & based upon the latest available science. The program is graded to start with the basics and build up gradually as you heal and get stronger to ensure you stay safe and get moving, strengthen and reach your desired level of fitness.

This is for the mom that needs guidelines & specific instructions to ensure that you get to your level of fitness you want to be at, without wondering if you are ready for a specific exercise yet.

This is not intended to replace a medical evaluation, advice or treatment from your healthcare practitioners. If you have any specific concerns or medical problems, it is best to seek individual help for a healthcare professional. If you are healthy and have permission to exercise, you can follow this program.

Exercise & Running after having a baby
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