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Exercise Away Your Shoulder Pain

Assess your own shoulder then use a progression of 8 exercises to reduce shoulder pain from your own living room
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Alleviate shoulder pain and improve shoulder function at home.

I'm so excited to share the long awaited Shoulder Pain Home Program. I designed this program because I continually have friends and family members from other parts of the country who needed to deal with their shoulder pain and I felt I couldn't help them through a simple email or phone call. This program shows you all the steps.

What You're Getting:

  • You're own personalized game plan to reduce or limit your shoulder discomfort
  • A progression of exercises to limit stress and strain on the shoulder
  • A way to avoid going to the doctor
  • Save money

How long will this take?

  • There is a 4 minute description of what we'll be doing and how we're going to do it
  • Then a 10 minute video showing you the progression of exercises
  • You will want to refer back to this course multiple times
  • So 15 minutes for the first run, then about 2-3 minutes to review every time you're ready to progress to the next exercise.

Who Has This Video Helped?

Robby Bursey - former collegiate pitcher - “"I spent my first 21 years pitching competitively for my Little League, high school, and collegiate baseball teams. For most of that time I found myself to always be loose, flexible and healthy. Unfortunately, as I have entered my 30's I have been struggling with shoulder pain from the overuse created during all of those years playing ball. After consulting with Dr. Hoar I noticed improved flexibility and performance within my shoulders. The combination of training and education has dramatically improved the number of activities that I can participate in. I am now in two softball leagues and I swim and bike regularly. I've visited plenty of doctors in the past but nothing has worked as well as this."

Exercise Away Your Shoulder Pain
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