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EXECUTIVE PRESENCE_ transform into an Inspiring Speaker

Practical, powerful hacks, tools, to build your Presence, Confidence, Public Speaking, Persuasion & Communication skills
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The skill of Executive Presence, which is sum of many components such as, 'Impactful communication delivery skills', 'emotional intelligence for empathetic & emotionally intelligent people interactions', 'presentation & public speaking skills', 'confidence' and also how to build your 'Authenticity' & your 'Likability'.
Students will get great insights, practical tools, techniques and extremely powerful hacks which help transform quickly. The course covers your Body posture, Voice Tone, Confidence, Preparation, Anticipation, Emotional Intelligence, a powerful communication tool 'Point-of-View' to grab attention and keep listener engaged for extended period of time, and some astonishing insights on 'Intent' to support you build your 'Authenticity' and 'Likability'. Thus substantially building your 'Presence'.

Those gearing up for Job Interviews, Job-seekers, Working Professionals who want to build IMPACT in their communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, persuasion skills, and even confidence necessary in crucial meetings, client interactions or high-stakes conversations -  will benefit from this course.

You will learn the skill of Executive Presence, which is a sum of 3 major components:

1.  Your communication Delivery skills- making it impactful and engaging,

2.  Emotional Intelligence- for empathetic & emotionally-intelligent interactions, and

3.  Your Authenticity & Likability.

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE_ transform into an Inspiring Speaker
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