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Executive Presence and the Diversity Dilemma

How to develop Executive Presence without compromising your Diversity
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How to generate Executive Presence
The key to Virtual Executive Presence
Executive Presence for diverse leaders
Executive Presence for Introverts

Why is Executive Presence one of the most sought-after skills?

It's not why you might think. It's not about admiration or owning the room. The real value is how Executive Presence helps you gain access to more opportunities to advance your career. In other words, Executive Presence sets the ceiling for your success. But how do you get it?

Copying others piecemeal doesn't work. You end up as a sort of inauthentic, Franken-xecutive. Ignoring others to "just do you" is also a losing strategy. You end up excluded from the inner circle and are left to ponder your sins in career purgatory. So what works?

We are all diverse in ways that are seen and unseen. The question is, "how do you leverage your diversity?" In every organization and in the hearts and minds of its people is a prevailing mental model of a leader. Very few people fit this model to a T, so most are faced with a choice. Do you sacrifice your diversity to be viewed as more leader-like or do you embrace your diversity at the risk of being viewed less leader-like?

This is the Diversity Dilemma.

This course provides two powerful breakthroughs:

  1. How you can generate Executive Presence - in any situation and any organization

  2. How to handle the Diversity Dilemma without sacrificing your diversity or success

Do you ever wonder if "being you" is hurting your career? Have you ever suspected (or been told) that it was your lack of Executive Presence and not your performance that was limiting your career? If so, join us as we explore how you can not only command any room, but take command of your career - all while being yourself and not someone else.

I see you and your power. Now let's make sure everyone else does!

Executive Presence and the Diversity Dilemma
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