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Break bad habits in 2020 (V 3.0 neuroplasticity formula)

Do what the 99% aren't doing: Rewire your brain to banish bad habits and control temptations
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Understand Neuroplasticity and how to use it in breaking your bad habit
Break your bad habit by breaking it's loop
Avoid common mistakes about breaking bad habits

You must be struggling to eliminate a specific bad habit in your life that keeps you from having the life you want for yourself and for people you love. You are not alone with that! Just like you, I had enough of feeling guilt for not keeping new year promises to be a better and more successful person.

This is a solution-based course! I know what you are looking for! I like achieving results too! Theory is not my thing. 

I am a doctor and that needs so much patience, discipline and organization in my life. Few years earlier, I suffered from many bad habits, from eating junk food and procrastinating to being stressed all the time and not knowing what to do to stop it. I was so lost before deciding to take the big step to make my researches on neuroplasticity and bad habits.

Studying psychology in medical school helped me combing neuroplasticity, psychology of habits, cognitive behavioral therapy and many personal development techniques to come up with the practical release to my suffering.  

The results are so great for me! Now, I am more successful because I know how to manipulate my habits to eliminate bad ones and implement successful ones. I am more disciplined in my studies, I eat healthier, I better manage my stress and anger and I am a successful entrepreneur.  

My friends who struggled with smoking and other unhealthy habits found this method useful for their problems too.

I don’t believe in rigid strategies, each brain is unique and each case is specific, that’s why I bring you a flexible technique applicable to your case! You just need the core of the solution you will learn through this course and add the specific elements you struggle with in your life to come up with the solutions that fit exactly your life conditions and obstacles.   

Don’t panic! I will guide you through! I won’t leave you until you are satisfy with the results you reach.  

I will guide along the journey to get rid of that bad habit. You will start with understanding psychological and organic aspects of habits and determining the loop of your own bad habit to manipulate its components and break it at the end by rewiring your plastic brain. To do that you will learn how to use WOOP concept and SMART goals technique. Also, I will help you define your own winning strategy to break your bad habit in a scientific way and I will bring your attention to the most common mistakes you may fall in through your journey! I won’t leave you alone there, we will work together to rewire your brain to banish bad habits and control temptations forever with neuroplasticity.  

There are plenty of guided exercises and activities designed for you to module this solution for your case and to take the path towards the successful life you want: 

  • Over 15 exercises to change brain activity to break your bad habit

  • A detailed core blueprint to manipulate your bad habit

Simply, I will teach you how to isolate, manipulate and break your bad habit, then to rewire your brain to control temptations and be a more successful person with a guilt-free 2.0 version of yourself.  

Break bad habits in 2020 (V 3.0 neuroplasticity formula)
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