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Exceptional Customer Service

Delivering the WOW Experience in Hospitality!
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Students will achieve the following from this course:
An ability to 'read and understand' customers better.
An increased awareness of what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service.
An ability to deal with difficult customers.

Exceptional Customer Service - Delivering the WOW!

A business is an entity that obtains and retains customers

Period! No customers – no business!

So, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, attending to your customer’s needs becomes ever more critical. You therefore, need

to attract and retain your customers via exceptional customer service - to deliver a wow experience.

How do you get all staff to provide exceptional customer service – maybe better than you do – especially when an issue has arisen, and

the customer is greatly dissatisfied? This workshop will provide the concepts and methodologies and tools to consistently provide

exceptional customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service
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