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Visual Basic of Applications: Become Excel VBA Programmer

Visual Basic for application (VBA) for Excel is to automate repetitive Task, Reduce work load & unlock real Excel Power.
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Over 35 Lectures and 3 Hours of Video Content
Learn to Record, Write and Dubug Basic and Semi Adv. Macro
Learn the use of Inputbox, Do....Loop, Do while and Do Until, For.....Next
Writing Personal Macro, Worksheet and Workbook Events, VB Protection
Userforms, Define short cut key, Defined Functions, Error handing, break points
Learn the best way to use Range, Cells and Offset to access the cells

In this course, Learn how to unlock the power of Microsoft's VBA programming language to build effective and powerful programs.

You will first learn how to record a Basic macro, how to define Short cut key, how to debug and run macros. Once you are comfortable with VBA environment, we will cover most frequently used commands like Do while, For Next, Input box, Userform, Workbook and worksheet Events. At last we shall take many practical long problems to advance your knowledge on VBA.

The best way to learn Macro is to learn it with case studies. With case studies, you develop your creativity. You will learn multiple ways to write a program with different coding.

Once you learn VBA, the task that you do in several hours, you will be able to complete that in just few seconds. You will be able to perform even that task which is not possible with Only Excel.

Visual Basic of Applications: Become Excel VBA Programmer
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