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Excel Charts - Online Training

Charts - Thermometer Chart, 2-axis Chart, Exploded Pie Charts, Trendline, 80:20, Tips-n-tricks
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Thermometer, 2-axis, Exploded Pie, 80:20 Stacked %, Trendline

CA. Rishabh Pugalia (Founder, Excel Next) presents a crisp Online Training Program on Excel Charts.

The program covers popular charts like Thermometer Charts, Exploded Pie Charts, 2-axis Charts, 80:20 Stacked Column Charts, Trendline in addition to intricate settings and shortcuts.

The accompanying eHandBook will help you recollect the steps to make these Special Charts and it also enumerates the key application areas. In other words, when to use which chart.

His training program on Advanced Excel can be accessed from this UDEMY link - Click Here.

Excel Charts - Online Training
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