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Professional Business Email Writing Skills for ESL Speakers

Effective writing skills and techniques for business professionals seeking to write accurate and convincing emails
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Writing professional emails in a business environment

This is a  comprehensive and totally practical course that covers the A to Z of email writing. The course provides clear details and examples on how to plan, draft, craft and fine tune your emails to make sure they get the attention they deserve and the right response. The course contains a total of 8 sections each divided into a series of lectures that introduce the fundamentals of writing skills and allow you to develop your skills progressively.

Within each section there are activities to give you the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques covered in the lectures and you can check your solutions with the model answers. There is also a series of downloadable resources such as checklists, templates, tips and tricks designed for you to use as references of best practice when your back at work.

The course covers:

  • The importance of emails in the business world.

  • Typical problems and the impact they can have.

  • The importance of considering the reader so you get the action you want.

  • What to consider when writing to others around the world.

  • How to write like a native speaker, using appropriate words and expressions.

  • How to reduce wordiness and write in a clear style with the right tone.

  • How to plan and structure your emails at the drafting stage.

  • What is the correct reference / title to use with your reader's name (honorifics).

  • How to start your email to make your purpose clear.

  • What expressions to use for ending your emails.

  • How to be grammatical accurate in key tenses used in emails.

  • What standard expressions to use in emails requesting, information, action and help.

  • What are the differences between British and US English.

  • Know the rules of punctuation.

  • Be aware of email etiquette.

  • How to proof-read effectively.

Professional Business Email Writing Skills for ESL Speakers
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